Local and Long Distance

Staying within the area around Palestine and Tyler? We know what it takes to make a local move successful.

Thompson Discount Movers & Storage is a long distance moving specialist. Long distance moves are different then local moves and require a special set of skills, licenses and experience.

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Storage Solutions and Packing

Thompson Discount Movers offers complete state-of-the-art storage solutions. Short term or long term, we can store your household goods and office equipment in a clean, secure easily accessible facility for as long as you need.

Proper packing is essential to a successful move. Remove stress and save time by having us pack some or all of your belongings for you.

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Tips & Guides

Make yourself an informed consumer and help yourself to some FREE, easily printable resources.

These files are in a format called "pdf" that enables easy and standardized viewing and printing on any computer and with any printer

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Thompson Discount Movers is set to meet your company's specific moving needs.

  • Creating a Relocation Policy
  • Clearly define the benefits package and outline employee responsibilities to allow management to plan ahead and the employee to know what to expect.
  • Streamline the partnership between company and mover by identifying consistent procedures, services, and responsibilities.
  • A Centralized Policy applies to all branches and divisions in the company and helps to maintain consistency in coordination, channels of communication, and follow-through as well as eliminate procedural differences that can cause misunderstandings between the company and the employees.

We will be happy to work with you to develop a Relocation Policy that will save you time, expense, hassles and disappointments.